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house_families's Journal

Dysfunction Junction: House MD Families
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fic, art, meta, discussions on the family of the characters of House
This community will be for the posting of fanfic, art, meta, and discussions related to the family members of the characters on House MD.

A warning, followed by some basic rules.

No subject is taboo. There maybe some discussions and such that cover topics some might find upsetting or disturbing. I am not of the opinion that one should have to post a disclaimer or warning to a story or discussion that is just about as long as their work, or would give a plot away in the case of a story. That being said, a word or two of warning is just the polite and right thing to do. A phrase such as 'This includes......' or even 'This might include..........' should be enough of a compromise.

Some rules:

1. Any stories,discussions, rants, raves, theories, etc., posted here should focus on the family or family member of a House character, or be essential to a plot, giving us a good look at who that family member is.

2. Any 'ship' is allowed- House/Wilson, House/Stacy, House/Cameron, House/Chase, House/Cuddy, House/anyone, Wilson/Amber, Wilson/any of his wives, Wilson/Cuddy, you get the idea? There are far too many possibilities to list here when you add in both sets of ducklings. No ships shall be mocked. If they aren't your cup of tea, don't read.

3. In order to assure rule #2, please clearly label any 'ships' in a fic.

4. Be respectful. I don't expect all of us to agree on everything. It would be boring if we did, but I do expect that we treat each other with dignity and respect even if we personally AND QUIETLY think another's opinion should get them locked up *grins*. Disagreeing and debating is fun. Name calling, cursing of the first born, etc., are not. Sarcasm, however, is on the endangered freedoms of speech list and shall be protected (just be obvious about it, sometimes sarcasm gets lost in translation in posts).

5. Please use the tags I have created, makes it easier to sort through, and is useful for someone deciding whether or not that post might be something for them. If your post covers a topic, pairing, family member, or category not available, label it the best you can and drop me a note, I will make a tag for you.

*stops to give a shout out to any mod of any comm. I might have previously harassed or harangued, because this is difficult....*

That is all for now. When I have a little more time, I shall attempt to make this space prettier and add anything else that becomes relevent. If you have any constructive criticism, ideas, feedback, complaints, suggestions, etc., please don't hesitate to let me know.